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federal workers compensation doctor
Experienced Doctors
Helping injured feds from all agencies and bureaus.
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DOL-OWCP Injuries
Comprehensive care for injured federal employees.
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We offer free claims assistance!

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Experienced DOL-OWCP Doctors in Tampa, FL

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We Treat Injured Federal Workers

If you've been injured working for the government you need an experienced DOL doctor to make sure you get all of the injury care and compensation you deserve according to the Federal Employees Compensation Act. Call our friendly team today to schedule a free consultation and get free claims assistance!

Excellent Care for Work Injury

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Injury Care for Federal Employees

The federal workers compensation doctors at our Tampa clinic are dedicated to providing the best in injury care and treatment for postal employees, VA employees, and all other federal workers. We also provide free claims assistance. Call us today to see how we can help with your injury and with your OWCP claim.